SANTA LUPITA is a story of love with Mexico, with its colors and joy, with its handcrafts and traditions

 ... and with its women: Lupita, María, Teodora, Reina and all 130 artisans SANTA LUPITA designs and creates pieces of art to wear with.

Founded in 2014 by Jorge and Tanya, two Mexican-German school friends, the brand aims at sharing colourful, vibrant and unique fashion with the world. Ever since they have travelled all across Mexico building up a unique network of master artisans.

SANTA LUPITA designs its collections in close cooperation with artisan communities, incorporating and adapting traditional elements and patterns into its designs, always paying tribute and huge respect to the meaning and symbolism of these elements. We will only use adapted elements the communities agree to share with us us and will always specify its true origin, acknowledging the respective community.